About Us

Rita and Michel Ter Sarkissoff are the "us" in our independent publishing business. We pooled together our teaching, technical, writing, designing, photography, and computing skills to begin working together over 20 years ago to operate a computer consulting business, offering a full range of computer services for business and home clients.

​As a result of Rita's horticultural interests and Michel's photography skills, we spent two years gathering information through interviews and photos of all the wonderful nurseries in our area of Northern California, culminating in our first self-publishing endeavor, The Guide to Sonoma County Nurseries.

Many of our computer business clients were writers; as technology changed, interest in self-publishing increased and we often received requests to share our experience with the production process of our first book. Thus began Spring Hill Press as we broadened our services to include book design and all related publishing tasks for our writing clients.

Today, we are happily devoting our full-time attention to the design, layout, file preparation and upload to commercial printers of a variety of publications. We work with international printers for books and local printers for the reports, newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, and maps that we produce for our clients.


Another great interest of ours is working in our backyard nursery, Maples By The Sea, specializing in Japanese maples.

Japanese maples in our nursery