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Comments from our clients

Rita knows the in's and out's  of the publishing and printing business like no one else I've worked with. Add to that her writing and design talents, knowledge of fonts, and skill with design programs, and there's no one better to work with on a book, handbook, or any other kind of printed material. Always a superb job.

--- Sandy Baker, Black Garnet Press

Rita's passion combined with her creative talents bring material alive. She has been a priceless asset to our company. She has designed multiple components for our company including letterhead, envelope, business cards, 3 brochures, flyers, banner and our website and has far exceeded our every expectation with each project. There are thousands of webmasters and designers to choose from, but what makes Rita stand out beyond all the others is her ability to listen to our needs and project a personality and warmth that is clearly visible. Her mastery of the English language is an exceptional bonus as she is able to convey our story and message clearly. We are entirely satisfied and would definitely recommend Rita to any friend.

--- Sachi Umehara, Momiji Nursery

We write, design and layout, prepare and send out files to commercial printers for a variety of our own projects and publications through our family-owned Spring Hill Press.

We devote the same care and attention to detail when providing these services to our clients, working with individuals, groups, and organizations to bring their books and other projects to successful completion.​ Our business comes to us through referral from others who have used our services, a fact we never forget and always appreciate.

Our Services include:

  • Project and print consultation

  • Writing and copyediting

  • Photo and illustration scans; image editing

  • Book interior page, front cover, and back cover design

  • Book registration: ISBN, LCCN, Copyright, ABI, barcode

  • Print quotes from a variety of commercial printers

  • Preparation of error-free files and upload to commercial printer

  • Follow through from hand-off of files to printer, shipping arrangements, and delivery to your front door (or wherever the destination for your printed books).

  • Complete design, from concept to print, of brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters, maps, and all other printed material for business and individuals

  • We use current versions of Adobe professional software to produce our work.

Acer palmatum 'Oregon Sunset' from our Maples By The Sea nursery exhibited at the Chessman Gallery at the Lincoln City Cultural Center in Oregon